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Club Directors

Administrative Staff

Ossie Revels - Executive Assistant

Ossie Revels has been with the Boys & Girls Clubs movement since 2012. Ms. Revels has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree. She brings over 20 years of administrative experience and is an integral part of our cause. Ms. Revels works closely with the staff of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mitchell County to ensure accurate information is provided to members on several aspects of growth and development. Ms. Revels loves working within the community, with youth, and making a difference in those she serves.

Club Directors

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Mitchell County consist of four individual Club units. Each Club is managed by a Unit Director. Unit Directors are responsible for the operational function of their designated Club. This includes managing staff, creating and implementing learning programs, and being instrumental in making a difference in the lives of each member that visits the Club. Our organization also employs different individuals to monitor and coordinate our involvement within the communities that we serve and the funds those communities contribute to our organization. Take a look at our top-notch staff below. 

Derex Woumnm - Teen Center Director

Derex Woumnm (Coach D) is a graduate of Mitchell Baker High School, class of 1988. He attended Devry Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA.  Coach D served several years as an Assistant Coach for football, basketball, and track.  He has been a mentor in this community for many years.  The Boys and Girls Clubs of Mitchell County has given Coach D a new home to continue his service to this great community.  

Leatha Young - Jester Unit Director

Leatha Young has been working with young minds for the past 21 years. She currently serves as the Unit Director for the Jester Unit of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mitchell County. Leatha enjoys learning each and every day from the young people that she serves and she hopes that those she learns from are learning something from her.

Tracy Walker - Camilla Unit Director

Tracy Walker joined the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mitchell County as a summer employee.

Marvin Davis, Jr. - Pelham Unit Director

Marvin Davis began his journey with the Boys & Girls Club movement at the age of 5, attending as a Club member for over 10 years. Now, Mr. Davis works hard to help those he serves, as he was once helped. Marvin attributes his time at the Club to making him the man he is today.

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