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Club Membership

Membership Dues & Information
All-Inclusive Membership Fee   -   $80.00
(includes Afterschool & Summer Enrichment Programs)
       Afterschool Enrichment Program   -   $30.00
       Summer Enrichment Program       -   $50.00
       Early Bird / Late Bird Fee  -  $2.00

*Membership Fees Cover the Entire Year of 2016. Summer Fees are not included with the Membership Fee of $30.00. The Membership Fee is required for applicants interested in the Summer Enrichment Program. Scholarships available depending on eligibility and availability. See application information.
Afterschool Hours:   3:00 - 7:00 PM         Summer Program Hours:   8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Each member is required to submit an application each year for membership, along with an annual membership fee payment. Membership dues must be paid to the Club where the member will be in attendance before services can be rendered for any person(s). To ensure timely entrance into the Club, please bring payment, along with supporting documentation for Income Eligibility, when submitting your application. If you have questions regarding membership requirements for any Club of interest, please see the Parent Handbook below. Be sure to sign and return the last page to your selected Club's Administrative Staff. 

After-School & Summer Enrichment Programs

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Mitchell County are happy to provide After-School and Summer Programs for Mitchell County's school districts. Our programs will provide a variety of high-yield learning activities which will extend your child’s school day with fun, educational, and engaging activities that follow the weekly theme, along with keeping them engaged and active during the summer months. Activities both for After-School and Summer Programs will incorporate our Core Program Areas: The Arts, Education & Career Development; Health & Life Skills; Character & Leadership; Sports, Fitness & Recreation. Transportation for youth may be arranged through Mitchell-Baker School Districts during the school year. Summer Program schedules will coorelate with Mitchell County School Systems, including both Camilla & Pelham.

Early Bird / Late Bird
Only the Camilla and Pelham Clubs offer Early Bird / Late Bird services during times when schools are closed. The Early Bird / Late Bird Program rate is $2.00. This fee occurs each time the program is utilized. If members are dropped off or picked up outside of the program time frame, whether Afterschool or Summer/Holiday, a $5.00 fee will be applied for each ten (10) minute period that member remains at the Club. If payment is not made, membership can be revoked.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Mitchell County accepts CASH or CHECK only. Both payments are accepted until a check is returned, in which we will only accept cash. A returned check will result in a $35.00 returned check fee. This fee must be paid within 15 days of notice from the Club, or membership can be evoked. If membership is evoked, the member may not return to any Club belonging to the organization until the fee, along with the membership rate, is paid in full.
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